Account Coordinator Apprentice

Job Description


BT Foundry is the nonprofit spin-off of Brass Tacks Collective. Here’s the thing you need to know about US —we’re about experience. The best experience. Always. What does that mean? It means we deliver beautiful creative and phenomenal service to our clients and we train people to be outstanding professionals as they begin their careers.


Quality – Our work, no matter who will see it in the end, has to be of the highest quality. Our clients deserve fantastic work for their businesses, but our team members deserve that work in their portfolios to secure future jobs. There are no corners cut, no recycling, no easy ways out because it simply isn’t worth the cost.

Adaptability – Because we know that technology, trends, and best practices are fickle beasts, we have to stay agile. As we learn and train our internal teams, our clients reap the benefits of having cutting-edge solutions. With our approach to research and strategy, we push forward with data and input behind us, thoughtful and creative solutions ahead.

Equity – As an agency, we acknowledge the severe lack of equity in marketing, advertising, and brand representation. It’s not as simple as choosing diverse imagery or sprinkling in Ebonics here and there—it has to be part of the DNA of the business. From our hiring practices and space considerations to our work itself, we’re looking to create equity in the way of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, income, ability, and environment. It’s a lot and may not be able to change the world, but we have to try.

Prosperity – If Brass Tacks is successful, it means our clients and graduates are successful. It means careers are put in motion and more people are put on teams that reflect the general public. It means more work is in the market that no one has to apologize for. It means the perception of “green” talent is one of value and possibility, not of risk. Again, we’re trying to change the world.

Levity – While there’s plenty to take seriously, levity is so important. We’re staunch believers in the power of jokes, sarcasm, and tactical obscenities. In our office, we play music. We dance. We sing. We find the humor in our mistakes so we can move forward. We help each other de-stress so no one burns out. We celebrate everything from birthdays to new puppies. Why can’t you have a good time at work? 


As Account Coordinator, you’re responsible for aiding in business development with new and existing clients, acting as the client’s advocate to the internal team, monitoring progress, and communicating with the Project Coordinator. The two of you together will set project milestones, reviews, and schedule meetings with the client. You will work with the members of Brass Tacks Collective to gain the learning experience and guidance you need to successfully complete projects. 

For you to be successful in this role, you have to be personable, growth-minded, self-motivated, and skilled in communication. If you’re also able to dream with the client, respond quickly, and speak with confidence, you’ll flourish. You can’t be afraid of executive leadership, internal or client-side. You can’t be easily overwhelmed by multiple assignments and deadlines or having to multitask. You will have to maintain trust-filled, friendly relationships with our clients, while also keeping boundaries and setting expectations. We are not doormats. We’re partners. 


  • Time & Commitment — although we offer flexible scheduling and mental health days, time management and commitment are still required. Basically, if you say you’re gonna do something, do it, and on time.
  • Experience a degree or certification is great, but not necessary or preferred. It’s more important to us that you have experienced through life, work, and self-education.
  • Charisma – we’re very honest about who we are, who we’re not, what we do, and what we don’t do. A charismatic person will know how to handle even difficult conversations with grace.
  • Even temper – you’re an emotional balancer. If someone else is stressed or hysterical, you are the calm one keeping a level head.
  • Drive – while many things go into maintaining the Foundry, our programming is the prime offering. You are the train conductor. You’ll keep things moving, adapt quickly when needed, and press for excellence.
  • Logic – from problem-solving to reading between the lines when communication is vague, you’ll employ a lot of logic to provide answers to your team. Emotional intelligence, critical thinking, adaptive planning, and attention to detail will be paramount.
  • Words communication is everything, written and verbal, and you’ll be responsible for working people through things. Our ability to maintain a positive, low-stress culture requires your involvement.
  • A Positive Attitude — every day isn’t an easy day and sometimes you aren’t feeling it. All we ask is that you’re open with us and open to constant changes and pivots that occur in agency life. 


  • Compensation – $15
  • Benefits – Financial assistance available for Dallas residents
  • Time – full-time or part-time
  • Location – Dallas, in-office Monday-Thursday (negotiable)