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This 12-week, tuition-based program lets attendees sharpen their graphic design, account planning, or copywriting skills.

*Currently application is closed*
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During your first 10 weeks, you’ll attend a suite of workshops that cover digital marketing, personal development, and more specialized training. Then, under the watchful eye of industry professionals, you and your team complete a capstone project to put your training into action.

Our Bootcamp also works as a “Pre-Apprenticeship” preparing attendees for our Apprenticeship program and giving them preferred status.


There are no educational requirements. If you’re new to the scene, The Bootcamp is your place to start. Don’t let education stop you from applying..

For the Bootcamp: You’ll simply need access to a computer or laptop. This is a learning opportunity. If you are available and willing to learn, that’s all you need.

 Bootcamp: A 12-week, tuition-based program in which industry professionals teach individuals about the digital marketing field.

Apprenticeship: A 1- or 2-year paid program working on real client work in a learning environment while building your portfolio

Three: Graphic design, account planning, and copywriting. 

But don’t worry if you don’t fit neatly into one category. We picked these tracks because they provide a broad creative perspective. Agency roles are rarely siloed, and understanding the process beyond your own field of interest makes you incredibly valuable as a team member

$5500, with the option of a payment plan. There are also scholarship opportunities. Schedule an Advisory Session to learn more.

Bootcamp workshops are held virtually through Google Classroom. During the last 

two weeks of the Bootcamp, participants have the option to work in-office.

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