Brie banks

I suck at talking about myself, but if I must, here’s a few things you should know. I’m a curious, compassionate creative with an innate niche for photography, which I have taught myself over the last two years. Creatively, I am driven to show the world how beautiful the Black woman is on a multidimensional level, contrary to what popular media portrays. I believe that this emerged from my roots in the beauty industry, growing up in the salon while my mom “made her clients beautiful”. In my dreams, I’m made of glitter and honey, and am an outspoken, social activist-unicorn-super hero. In real life, I’m fairly soft-spoken, and let my bald head make all the statements. I’m from Dallas, born and raised, but I like to say I grew up in Houston while I resided there for a few years in college. I aim to highlight the beauty that resides within each one of us!