Brittany Emgram

Brittany Engram is a big boss Brit who does not come in your size. (IYKYK)

She’s who you would get if Kanye West and Lisa Frank school supplies had a baby. Born and raised in Dallas, TX, she’s incredibly full facts about the Black history of this beautiful, growing city. A hip hop culture connoisseur: she’s met DMX, Grandmaster Flash and chatted with Post Malone in a Target, and yes, she is that one door girl from that one bar. So, that totally makes her a socialite, right? Her writing contributions have brought: Dallas Observer Music Award nominations, an award from the City of Arlington, and Clubhouse notoriety. In true College Dropout fashion, she’s completing a Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences in Rhetoric & Writing with a certification in Nonprofit Management. When she’s not spending time with her husband, Edwin and son Legacy, you can find her watching reruns of Degrassi, taking bubble baths and working in leadership with mutual aid groups, The Snack Sack & Lucha Dallas .
She is excited to be joining the team as a Project Coordinator.