There was a time when all trades were learned by apprenticing with a local expert. Bakers, carpenters, and doctors, all learned by doing and were able to carry on their own businesses by the end of their training. Now, we limit this kind of experience to specific industries.

Brass Tacks Collective is set up much in the same vein as a teaching hospital. Client work, classes and lectures, and face-to-face time with various industry professionals, all rolled into one paid creative apprenticeship. No two apprentice classes will be alike as the work and clients are somewhat fluid. Because the structure of the day will depend on the work, you’ll learn to be agile and adaptable while working with a team to support the changing efforts – just like real agency life.


You’ll work with a team lead, a Miagi-esque mentor that will act as the guide for your role on a daily basis. Your team will be made up of apprentices working collaboratively, rather than competitively, on each project. You’ll present your own work and interface with the clients directly to build your presentation skills and quick thinking. You’ll also build your portfolio with real client work and experience. No more catch 22 of needing experience to get the job, but needing the job to get experience.


We do have a few requirements for being an apprentice, but don’t take these as all or nothing. As an apprentice candidate, you’ll need to have some experience or background in graphic design or copywriting (the program will later extend into other fields like web development and strategy). This can be from college, trade school, or self-training, though you don’t need to have completed a degree or certification program to be considered. You’ll need to have a portfolio we can review to assess what stage you are and the type of work you’ll be able to do. You’ll also need to be available for the full length of the program at a minimum of three days a week (roughly 24 hours).


An apprenticeship at Brass Tacks Collective is:

1 Year

While it may seem like a long time, it goes by pretty quickly.


In real, actual dollars. Every hour you work.

For Creatives

Graphic designers and copywriters for now and will expand next year.


As the collective evolves, the ideas of each person are heard to make the work, the teams, and the experience absolutely killer. Imagine having that kind of a voice this early in your career!

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