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We all know the adage, “you get what you pay for.” Heck, when it comes to advertising and marketing, industry behemoths pay millions to have A-List actors appear in studio-quality commercials or to trademark a shade of blue to reserve it from the rest of the world. There are agencies made just for those clients, but Brass Tacks Collective isn’t one of them.

We believe that all businesses deserve great work and the visibility in the market that comes with it, regardless of whether they have access to millions of dollars. We understand that startups, nonprofits, and local organizations all have high needs, but low budgets. We strive to be the ones that see to it that their brands, materials, sites, and social presence can compete with the big leagues.

Through the collective, we can offer almost any service. Here’s a sampling of what that looks like:

[beau_icon_box title=”BRANDING” title_tag=”h2″ text_alignment=”text-center” el_class=”btc_icon_copy_container btc_icon_pencil_ruler_box”]When it comes to branding, we offer more than just logos. From strategy to voice and tone, guidelines to graphic kits, our team brings the full package.[/beau_icon_box]
[beau_icon_box title=”WEB & INTERACTIVE” title_tag=”h2″ text_alignment=”text-center” el_class=”btc_icon_copy_container btc_icon_desktop_box”]The development team is made up of experts in all things code. Call on them to build your website, app, ads, or event experiences. It’s what they do.[/beau_icon_box]
[beau_icon_box title=”DESIGN” title_tag=”h2″ text_alignment=”text-center” el_class=”btc_icon_copy_container btc_icon_paint_brush_box”]We’re not just pixel-pushers at Brass Tacks Collective. The designers here are well versed in traditional, environmental, and interactive graphic design.[/beau_icon_box]
[beau_icon_box title=”COPYWRITING” title_tag=”h2″ text_alignment=”text-center” el_class=”btc_icon_copy_container btc_icon_copywriting_box”]Our writers are true craftsmen. Whether you need an entire website’s worth of copy or a little proof-reading done, they’re up for the challenge.[/beau_icon_box]
[beau_icon_box title=”PHOTOGRAPHY” title_tag=”h2″ text_alignment=”text-center” el_class=”btc_icon_copy_container btc_icon_camera_box”]Through our partnerships with DFW’s best, we provide professional photography in-studio or on-location. Haven’t you been told you oughta be in pictures?[/beau_icon_box]
[beau_icon_box title=”VIDEO” title_tag=”h2″ text_alignment=”text-center” el_class=”btc_icon_copy_container btc_icon_video_box”]Shooting, editing, motion graphics, the works! The collective includes small studios and independent contractors who are masters of the moving picture.[/beau_icon_box]
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Shout out to Grant Guidry for his collaboration with our team to produce this awesome video featuring the winners of this year’s Shorty Awards!

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