Dallas miller

Hi there!

Welcome to the autobiography of Dallas Miller. I grew up in Arlington, TX where I learned how not to behave as a child. After 7th grade my family and I moved to a little city called Watauga, just 25 minutes northwest of Arlington. I was a huge nerd and didn’t fit in with many folks there, but I tried my best! I graduated from Haltom High School and haven’t been back since then. I moved from Lake Worth back to Arlington where I attended UTA. (University of Texas at Arlington) Fast forward a few years and I’m a graduate, yay! But, still a nerd…yay!

I currently own over 300 comic books, 70 board games, and a large VHS collection of cartoons and animated movies from the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s.

As I’m constructing this masterpiece for you to read, I’m two days away from my apprenticeship graduation. Brass Tacks Collective has helped me in so many ways this past year. It’s given me a career path to travel through, the opportunity to work with a group of outstanding individuals, and the experience that I needed to feel more confident with my work. Speaking of work, what do I like to do?

Here’s an extensive list of bulleted points that detail what I love doing.

+ UX Design
+ Interactive Design

Yup that’s it! I love problem solving, connecting with users of products, strategizing with team mates on how to better a problem, researching and analyzing, using graphics, images, type, and color to create visually appealing digital content, and above all us, making a difference in the lives of the people I work with.