Desiree Gibbs

As a self-certified hippie goth I mildly obsess over the dark and fawn over the living. Much like that title, I’m a fluid walking oxymoron. I’m fascinated in the obscure and creepy, but also very much a tree hugger. And similar to the texture of a leaf, I think about how everything in life is connected. Since this is my default thought process, I tend to be very detail oriented when it comes to… well, everything. Besides wanting to bury myself in exploring fine arts, music, and culture, I spend my time bringing awareness to designers of color, sharing the benefits of minimal living in tiny houses, and learning the advantages of consuming natural energies and food into your body. With all these passions flowing in my veins, I hope to leave a path of seeds planted in the people I meet so that they are inspired to appreciate the small things and the earth we live on.