Davin Papillion

Hey, I’m Dev. I’m a serial creative who mostly uses writing as a main drug. Often I feel like I can write something better than I can tell it, so I’ll usually record it in a song or put it in a story. I started freelancing as a copywriter a few years ago as a way to keep my hands on a keyboard while I funded my other projects.

I grew up in Arlington, TX but I’ve got familial ties to southern Louisiana where we religiously eat crawfish the size of lobsters every Easter. I officially began annoying my parents at the age of 10 when I picked up the viola and convinced myself that my amateur racket noise was music. I studied classical viola and music theory at UNT for 3 years and finished up my last year at UTA after a brief quarter life crisis (I have one of these just about every year). I picked up piano by ear while still in college, and began writing my own songs a few years after graduation. Since then I’ve self-published a collection of poetry and released my first music project. (You can find both of those things here: www.devpapillion.com)

My equal love for both words and music sometimes keeps me in a bind but I think my determination for finding out how to mesh the two together to build a cohesive career is what brought me to BTC. I’m thrilled to be apart of the team!