Eight Reasons Why You Should Apply to our Bootcamp NOW

Still thinking about applying to the bootcamp? Not sure what it’s all about and if you’re the right fit? We hear you. Here are eight reasons why you should just do it already!

1. It increases your chances of getting into our apprenticeship.
Participating in the bootcamp is like the cheat code into the apprenticeship. Although it doesn’t guarantee your acceptance, you’ll be well-equipped for the application process.

2. You’ll learn from top experts in the industry.
Have you seen our course catalog?! We aren’t trusting just anyone to teach you. We’re bringing in individuals who study their craft day and night. And they’re ready to share what they know with you.

3. Your relationship with BT Foundry doesn’t end with the bootcamp.
Once you get your certification from most bootcamps, they kick you out into the real world. We, on the other hand, offer you our network, recommendations, and the ability to reach out if you have questions. Once a cadet, always a cadet! Unless you’re promoted to apprentice, that is! 😉

4. You’ll get the confidence you need to take the next step in your career.
a. We believe no one should limit themselves to being a one-trick pony. So, we introduce you to a range of disciplines and skills to get a little taste of everything. This allows you to choose the best career based on your interests and strengths.

5. Flexible scheduling is our way of life.
Most workshops are held virtually on Fridays! Sessions are recorded and you’ll always get a week to complete any assignments.

6. It’s cheaper than most.
Bettering your life shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. So, we want to remove one obstacle from your path by offering our program at an affordable rate. While most bootcamps cost between $10,000 to $15,000, ours only cost $5500! (Pssst… and we offer a scholarship).
7. We care about your personal development.
We aren’t just here to develop your technical skills. We want you to thrive in your career, so we train you to become more than a good worker. We help you to become a good team player with acute self-awareness.

8. Your capstone project will live on our site forever.
We know we know… you’re probably bummed out about not getting to work on real client work like apprentices, but you still get to do cool things. Like building a microsite that lives on forever! Here, potential employers can view your resume,
cover letter, and portfolio.

Is this enough inspiration to apply now? If you’ve got any questions or concerns (scheduling, cost, etc.) let us know. Our operators are standing by! Schedule an advisory session today.