Keisha whaley

 I’m Keisha, the founder of Brass Tacks and the head of all things creative. Like the others, I don’t like writing about myself, but I believe in leading by example, so of course I wrote mine last.

I grew up in Norman, Oklahoma, a place too small for my personality and my hair. The last ten years have been spent, accidentally, in Dallas and I find myself rooted despite my ambitions to move away almost before arriving. I’m kept here by the people and causes I feel so embraced by. I’ve been serving on the board for Union Coffee and spent years volunteering and doing creative work for Café Momentum, watching both grow and change, sparking the idea of Brass Tacks when I told everyone I never wanted to own my own business.

As you explore our site and get to know our team, I hope you see that there are a lot of passionate, talented, and straight-up amazing people that made this idea that kept me up at night into a real-live agency.