Kell Klopp

My name is James Kelly Klopp, but it’s a lot easier to call me Kell, trust me. I’m a total nerd about music, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and pretty much anything a typical nerd would be into. But my passion for the nerdier things in life can’t beat for my love of writing. As a dyslexic copywriter, I’ve had a lot to overcome and even more to laugh about because let’s be honest, it’s a bit funny to be a dyslexic copywriter. 


Beyond being a nerd who loves to write, I’m also a dog mom to a crazy husky, Akira, and a cat mom to my demonic creature named Bear. I grew up in NYC but came to Dallas for school and couldn’t imagine ever leaving.

Having found my way not only to Dallas but also to BT Foundry, I know that I can be myself while learning to further my skills without the fear of being judged. I plan on leaving my mark on this world with the words I write and I know the people at BT Foundry can help me do that.