My (Too Short) Experience with BT Foundry

Kell Klopp

Kell Klopp

I graduated from Southern Methodist University in May 2020 ready to take on the world of advertising… 

…but Covid had other plans. Like most industries, jobs in advertising took a hit and agencies couldn’t risk taking on a copywriter with such little experience for even a marketing internship. I felt defeated and scared that all the hard work I had put into my degree would mean nothing. I continued to apply for jobs, network, and reach out to people until one day I messaged Keisha Whaley of Brass Tacks. She said she’d be happy to meet with me. She gave me some great advice and said I should apply to BT Foundry’s Apprenticeship. 

The program was all about giving rising talent opportunities to grow their skills and get real-world experience: it was a perfect fit.

The Apprenticeship: Learning By Doing

I started along with 11 other Apprentices and we jumped right in, learning and growing as we went. As I figured out how everyone worked and how I could be the best copywriter for them, we grew from a team into a family. From one-off flyers to bios to building brand voices and crafting compelling headlines, I was hooked. I finally had the opportunity to show the world what I was capable of as a creative. With constant encouragement and support from my coworkers, I was able to push myself and my writing. 

It never felt like I hit a wall I couldn’t move past. There was always someone there to give me a boost so I could get over it. I could go to anyone on the team and ask them for help. Adrien, the lead copywriter, was there to help me learn the ins and outs of copy, like using active voice over passive, how there is always an answer for a problem, and that “that” is a word that’s overused. I also learned how to build content calendars, quickly churn out strong social copy, and a lot about who I am as a writer. I felt safe to be myself.

In the beginning of 2022, after working out of Union Coffee shop, we were finally ready to move into our own office. In December, we came together to paint, decorate, and nest in Brass Tacks’ new home. The dynamics and energy only got better. I was thrilled to personalize my desk, “bother” my superiors face to face, bring in my insane husky, and enjoy this amazing family forming around me. 

Goodbye…For Now

Today is my last day working with Brass Tacks. I didn’t ever plan on leaving, but life happens. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but the Apprenticeship program did what it promised: take on young creative talent, help me grow, and prepare me for the next step in my career. My time just came sooner than expected. 

I grew up being told that if you find the right job it won’t feel like work. I was lucky enough to experience that at Brass Tacks. I may be going to work somewhere else, but a piece of my heart will always be with them. Plus, my career is just beginning; they may not have seen the last of me.

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