Nathaniel weathersby

I emerged fully-formed from a colony of fungi in south Mississippi. I graduated with a BA in Integrated Marketing Communications from The University of Mississippi and a MA in Advertising Art Direction from Southern Methodist University.

My creative motivation is rooted in a need to chip away at representation issues I perceived in the media living as a queer brown boy in the south. Therefore the advancement of society, justice, and education drives my creative learning and execution. I express myself through writing (creative & news), drawing/sketching, graphic design, & improv comedy.

I believe in the healing power of honey, coconut oil, and shea butter, that people are inherently good, spiritual magic exists, and that faeries have just gotten tired of putting up with us. My consciousness lives deep in an ocean of magic realism, southern gothic mysticism, fantasy, and colors.

If any of this tickles the back of your knees check me out at