The word “apprentice” doesn’t get used much in the marketing and ad industry at large. We chose it for a specific reason. We don’t take interns.

Think of a teaching hospital (Watch Scrubs, if you’d like. Our founder absolutely did.). Med students learn on the job with the oversight of Doctors who take each opportunity to teach, rather than telling everyone to stand back and watch. We’ve all had internships where we were resigned to shadow for weeks at a time, but an apprentice jumps in, fully engaged, with the instruction of someone who’s been there before.

Since we started, there have been a few places using the “apprentice” title for their programs and it can be hard to know what’s really an apprenticeship or a renamed internship.

An apprenticeship at Brass Tacks Collective is:

12-24 Months

It may seem long, but it goes by pretty quickly. Especially with our 4-day work weeks.


In real, actual dollars. Plus built in raises and promotion.

All Roles

Graphic designers, UX/UI designers,  copywriters, strategists, project coordinators, and account coordinators—we have room for everyone!


As the collective evolves, the ideas of each person are heard to make the work, the teams, and the experience absolutely killer.  

We’re basically an agency with training wheels. That means client work, classes, lectures, and face-to-face time with various industry professionals. By the time you leave, you have up to two years of experience, a killer portfolio, and a network of people ready to vouch for you.

No two apprentice classes will be alike as the work and clients are somewhat fluid. You’ll learn to be agile and adaptable while working with a team to support the changing efforts – just like real agency life. 

You’ll work with a team lead, a Miagi-esque mentor who will act as the guide for your role. Your team will be made up of apprentices working collaboratively, rather than competitively. You’ll present your own work and interface with the clients directly to build your presentation skills and quick thinking. You’ll also build your portfolio with real client work and experience. 

No more catch 22 of needing experience to get the job, but needing the job to get experience. 

The Requirements

Don’t take these as all or nothing. As an apprentice candidate, you’ll need to have some experience or background in the creative fields mentioned above. This can be from college, trade school, or self-training, though you don’t need to have completed a degree or certification program to be considered. For creative positions, you’ll need to have a portfolio we can review to assess what stage you are at and the type of work you’ll be able to do. You’ll also need to be available for the full length of the program at a minimum of three days a week (roughly 24 hours). Because the office is closed on Fridays, those days do not count toward your time commitment.


Hone Your Skills in this “Pre-Apprenticeship”

We all have to start somewhere and a two or four year degree program may not be an option. Maybe you’ve been working professionally for a while, but your boss wants you to take over the company’s social media content. Whatever the reason you’re thinking about learning how to do what we do, we’re just glad you’re here.

Our creative bootcamp is:

12 Weeks

Fridays only with assignments to complete between sessions.


If that’s too much, don’t worry. Scholarships are available. 

For Creatives

There are two tracks: Graphic Design and Copywriting. However, the skills included under these umbrellas will serve UX/UI designers, strategists, project coordinators, and account coordinators as well.


Participate from anywhere. If you’re in the Dallas area, the office is open to you for capstone.

Learn the interconnected skills of self-management strategy, branding, design, copywriting, UX/UI, and social media while collaborating with your team on your capstone project. By the end, you’ll be fully-equipped to apply for BT Foundry Apprenticeship or strike off on your own career journey. No matter what, your success is our success! 

And again, this is a great option for companies hoping to expand the skill sets and experience of their current teams.

The Requirements

There is no education requirement. This bootcamp works best for those with some experience who are hoping to dig deeper, but it has also been a launching pad for creatives with nothing but curiosity and a desire to put in the work. So whether you’re a recent high school grad, finishing up college, or looking to change careers, we want you!

Admissions Q&A

Are there educational prerequisites? Do I need professional experience?

There are no educational requirements. The bootcamp is meant to start and build a foundation. That said, the Apprenticeship is a great option for those with some level of background or experience. But don’t let that dissuade you.

But really, what are the qualifications?

For the Bootcamp: You’ll simply need access to a computer or laptop. This is a learning opportunity. If you are available and willing to learn, that’s all you need.

For the Apprenticeship: Some kind of experience in your chosen track. This can be college, trade school, or self-training, but you don’t need a degree or certification. We will want to see a portfolio including examples of your work. And of course you’ve have to be available for the full length of the program:  a minimum of three or four days a week (roughly 18-36 hours).

What’s the difference between the apprenticeship and bootcamp?

Bootcamp: A 12-week, tuition-based program in which industry professionals teach individuals about the digital marketing field.

Apprenticeship: A 1-2 year paid program working on real client work in a learning environment while building your portfolio.

How many tracks are available for the bootcamp?

Two: Graphic design and copywriting. Participating in one of the two tracks gives the chance to experience a broader creative perspective.  Agency roles are rarely siloed, and understanding the process beyond your own field of interest makes you incredibly valuable as a team member.

What positions are available for the apprenticeship?

Strategy, Graphic Design, Copywriting, UX/UI, Account Management, and Project Management. We also occasionally have openings for video/photography positions.

What’s the cost of the Bootcamp?

$5500, with the option of a payment plan. We also offer scholarships to those who qualify.

Do the programs have a remote option?

Bootcamp workshops are held virtually through Google Classroom. During the last two weeks of the bootcamp, participants have the option to work in office. 

The apprenticeship is held in office and with the option to work virtually. However, the in-person experience is priceless.

How much does the apprenticeship pay?

You start at $15 an hour, with the chance to make that $20 an hour with a team lead promotion.